What is an IPS Tag?

An IPS Tag, sometimes called a Registrar Tag, Nominet Tag or Domain Tag is used when managing most .uk domain names, including:

  • .uk, .co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk
  • .ltd.uk, .plc.uk
  • .net.uk
  • .sch.uk

The tag identifies the company that is currently managing the domain name on behalf of the owner/registrant of the domain name and who deals with Nominet, the member owned company in charge of most .uk domains, for the registration and renewal of names as well as amending details such as nameservers etc.

Nominet themselves just call it a tag now, and there’s some debate about what IPS actually stood for and if it should have been ISP Tag and no one noticed the typo until it was too late!

Am old fashioned postal/luggage tag with "IPS Tag. KDAWEBSERVICES. Please take care of this domain: example.co.uk" and a postmark with GAINSBOROUGH, LINCOLNSHIRE surrounding the date July 2000.

(Since this blog post was written we have switched to a new tag, KDAWS, from KDAWEBSERVICES)

When do I need to use an IPS Tag?

The only time an IPS Tag is needed is when you are transferring your domain name from one service provider to another because you want to change who is in charge of renewing your domain name because you want better service, or a better price.

To transfer your domain to another provider you would need to ask them for their IPS Tag and then either:

  • Ask your current provider to change the tag on your domain name to the one for your new provider
  • Ask Nominet to do this on your behalf if your current provider refuses or isn’t being responsive

In some instances your new provider may have have to accept the incoming transfer, in others they might accept it automatically, either way it should be a very quick process and a lot of providers will let you make the change from within their online domain control panel.

Once the domain’s tag has been changed you’ll have to deal with your new provider for any changes to nameservers, contact details etc., as your old provider won’t be able to make any more changes to your domain.

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What is your IPS Tag?

Our (new) Nominet IPS Tag is: KDAWS

Our (legacy) Nominet IPS Tag is: KDAWEBSERVICES

There are no spaces in the tags and they are always uppercase.

We’re quite attached to our tag now, after 20+ years as a member and “tag holder” of Nominet.

You can find a full list of registrars along with their tags on the Nominet website.