Amazing Support

Our promise to you is that we’ll always do our very best to help you with any issues related to your services with us, even if it’s something your previous provider might have considered “out of scope”.

I Need Some Help

If you’ve got an issue with your email, an error on your website or something just doesn’t feel right, then please get in touch.  The best way is to send an email to our support system where one of our team will pick it up.

[email protected]

Most issues are resolved within an hour during business hours, with 99.9% being resolved within 24 hours – any taking longer are usually down to waiting for information where we’ve had to deal with a 3rd party, or are issues outside of our control e.g. a problem with someone else’s email server.

It’s An Emergency

If everything feels like it’s on fire, please pickup the phone right away.

0800 542 9764

Please let us know, we know what it’s like when you’re under pressure to fix something and you can’t see the wood for the trees. Always remember:

We’re Here To Help

Making A Complaint

(we’re required to publish this by a supplier, we’ve never had this procedure used by anyone)

If for some reason you are not happy with a support response you have received, you may use either of the above methods to contact us with your complaint and we will make sure it is looked at by a different member of staff to the original issue.  The same timelines for a response will apply, although resolution may take longer depending on the amount of information that needs to be reviewed.