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Simply enter a name in to the box below and we’ll search to see what is available from nearly 600 extensions.  You can also enter an existing name to begin transferring it to us.

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We registered our first of many domains over 20 years ago, since then we’ve helped 1000s of customers just like you to manage their domain portfolios.

Nominet Accredited Channel Partner LogoWe’re an accredited channel partner with Nominet for .uk domains, as well as being one of the longest standing members, joining in July 2000.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge a fee to transfer a domain elsewhere?2021-02-22T12:50:30+00:00

No we don’t.  We won’t charge you anything to move your domain name away for us, it is your domain name after-all, not ours.

The only exception to this is if your domain has expired, as most registries won’t let us transfer an expired domain name.

Will you remind me when my domain needs renewing?2021-02-22T13:32:54+00:00

Yes we will.  We send out reminds about upcoming domain expiry at:

  • 90 days before expiry
  • 60 days before expiry
  • 30 days before expiry
  • 14 days before expiry
  • 7 days before expiry
Will my domain automatically renew?2021-05-12T16:53:10+01:00

Our default is to automatically renew on payment of the relevant invoice, this means that:

  • If you have a valid credit/debit card setup with our payment provider, Stripe then we will try and automatically renew your domain name for you.
  • If you pay the invoice for the renewal before the domain expires, we will renew it.

Automatic renewal attempts can be turned off for individual domains from within your control panel or by contacting us.