Consolidations & migrations

When you run a digital agency we understand that your digital assets such as hosting, domains and emails sometimes get scattered around multiple providers. This can make running your agency a lot more stressful and time consuming than it needs to be, especially if something goes wrong.

This is where our KDAWS migration and consolidation service will help you save time, stress and often money.

Throughout the years we have helped many agencies with migrating and consolidating their services to KDAWS, here are the main reasons why they have wanted to do this.

People come, and people go

We all know it can be a sad and sometimes painful experience when a staff member leaves your business, especially if there have been no clear procedures laid out as to where to register domains and place client hosting services.

  • Where is the service for client X?
  • Why was the email setup this way?
  • Who do we need to talk to to fix this problem?
  • Where it the login for the domain/hosting/email?

Here at KDAWS we help you create procedures that make it easy for staff members to add new services, giving you the peace of mind that if that if a staff member were to leave you will always have access to any services they have created.

Varying levels of support and service

We all know that services and support varies from provider to provider, for instance some domain registrars do not even have telephone numbers and make you send an e-mail when an issue occurs, and how long will that take?

This is not the way we work at KDAWS, whether you have a single domain or several servers from us the service and support you receive from us will always be the same, and you’ll always be able to talk to someone.   We pride ourselves on always being on hand to help our clients, we want you to think of us as one of your team and to know we are always here to help you.

Who you gonna call?

When you have multiple services such as domains, hosting and email scattered around multiple providers who do you call when something goes wrong? Do you know where each one of your sites are hosted or your domains registered?  Are these providers going to blame each other?

Here at KDAWS we take all the hassle of day to day management of multiple services and providers by giving you one clear system and point of contact for all your hosting services.

One set of invoices

Keeping costs under control and budgeting can be a time consuming process, especially if you have to log in to multiple, often slow, control panels to download invoices from different providers.

At KDAWS you only need access to our portal to download all your invoices and review your current services and costs.

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How we work


We Talk

Are we a good fit for your business?  Are you a good fit for ours?  That’s what we’ll find out, and if we aren’t a good fit then we’ll recommend someone else who might be, because your business needs a partner, not a provider.

If we are a good fit, we’ll get to the bottom of what you and your customers really need from us, and what we can do to help your business move forward.


We Audit

We’ll audit what you services and infrastructure you currently have.  Where are your domains?  What hosting have you got?  What is currently causing problems?  What’s already done well?  What can be done better?  We dig deep so we can get the best plan in place…


We Plan

Can we do what you need?  Do we need to bring in external resources?  What do you need?  What will it cost?  How can it grow with your business?  These are all questions we’ll answer in our plan.


We Review Together

We’ll review your plan together, making sure we’ve got the needs of your business covered now, and in to the future.  If we need to make changes, we’ll make them, and if you’re happy then we’ll move on to step 5…


We Implement

We’ll implement our plan, building your new infrastructure and securely, safely migrating your data and customers over to your new services with minimal downtime, hassle and involvement on your part – we’re here to give you more time, not take it away.


You Relax

Sit back, relax and enjoy knowing we’re part of your team and we’re here to help you concentrate on growing your business rather than managing servers.

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