Our reseller hosting

As you’ve probably gathered, our reseller hosting isn’t old-school shared reseller hosting.   There’s no corners cut when it comes to giving you access to the best technology to make sure your websites are fast and responsive.  Here’s some of what we do to make sure we’re the best we can be for you.

Website Speed Kit

Faster Websites, Faster

Speed up your sites and increase conversion rates, lower bounce rates and boost your SEO with faster loading websites.  We include Speed Kit from Baqend with all of our packages, installed in just a couple of clicks.  Don’t want to use Speed Kit? We’ve got LSCache as well.

Web Application Firewall

Stopping Website Attacks

Our Web Application Firewall helps stop attacks on your website before they get to it.  Common attacks blocked include SQL injection, XSS (Cross Site Scripting) as well as specific exploits/attacks against popular software.

Malware Protection

Removing Malware

Our malware protection stops and removes malicious code running on your website if it has somehow made it on to the server e.g. the file was already there on your previous hosting when you moved over.   We also do regular scans along with the real-time detection.


Performance & Security

To make sure your sites are as fast as possible, we use the fastest and most advanced web server, Litespeed Web Server Enterprise with included LSCache.  With the latest PHP 8.0 you’re at the forefront of development, whilst safely and securely being able to run your legacy apps all the way back to PHP 4.4.

Security Isolation

Every Customer – Isolated

Every customer is securely isolated from every other customer with their own CPU and memory allocations in their own Linux Virtual Environment (LVE).  If one customer does something bad, or they end up on the Reddit frontpage, then that can’t affect your websites, you’re still safe, secure and fast.

Operating System

CloudLinux OS+

Purpose designed for webhosting, CloudLinux OS+ gives you a reliable and secure platform for your customers’ websites, free from worries about other customers affecting your sites.


The Latest Technology

Our servers utilise the latest technology for the fastest website experience.  Large amounts of memory, plentiful CPU cores, and fast NVMe storage guarantee amazing speed.

Amazing Service

Your In-house Hosting Team

We live and breathe web hosting, we love it, and now we’re a part of your team.  We’re here to guide you and help you make the right choices for your hosting needs, if something isn’t suitable we’ll say so, even if it’s our own service.  We’ll also take care of all of the “boring” bits like server management etc. freeing up your time to do what you’re good at and enjoy.