Are you looking for a UK web host?

Struggling to work out who are the good hosts and who are the not-so-good?  If so we’re here to help.  We’re going to look at who are the best hosting providers for your small business website in 2023.

The three hosting companies we’re going to talk about are providers we’d be happy to pay to host our own websites, sharing similar values and ethos to ourselves.  We honestly believe that if you pick one of these providers you’ll have a great hosting experience, just like if we were suitable for you!

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Why are we recommending other providers?

As not every website is suitable to be hosted with us (see: 5 reasons why isn’t a good fit for hosting your website) we sometimes get asked which provider(s) we would use if we didn’t use our own services.

Unlike a lot of websites with a “Top 10 hosting providers for WordPress” or similar, we are not making any money from the providers we are recommending, a lot of the time the lists of top providers are really just, “Here’s the top 10 hosting providers who pay the most commission to us”.

The top 3 small business web hosts



Established in 2002, Krystal are a provider of environmentally friendly hosting with an emphasis on “doing the right thing”, be that by their staff, customers or the environment.  Rated 4.9/5.0 by their customers, they offer the usual mix of shared hosting, VPS, cloud and dedicated servers.

In 2021 we backed the Public Benefit campaign started by Krystal founder, Simon Blackler, to restore Nominet’s founding purpose.


Freethought Internet

Freethought are another ethical provider of shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting along with colocation services.  Established in 2003 their customers rate them 4.98/5.0 for service.  Amongst their clients are a website that Karl helps maintain, hosted with them to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.

Freethought also feature in our “Top UK hosts for your .net websites“, providing both Windows and Linux based hosting.



Manchester based 34sp were founded in 2000 and are much loved by their customers who rate them as 5/5 on Google reviews.  Like both Krystal and Freethought, 34sp provide “green” hosting and work to minimise their environmental impact.  34sp provide shared, reseller and VPS hosting services and used to be our neighbours for a number of years when we both used a data centre in central London.


As you can see, all three companies we’re recommending share our same values:

  • Customer support excellence
  • Minimising environmental impact
  • Support customers to grow

We truly believe that if we aren’t a suitable host for your site or app, then one of these three providers will be.

As always, feel free to ask any questions or get in touch via socials, email or phone.

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